• Money

    Placing a bet on Ethiopia

      Gambling in Ethiopia is nothing like hitting the casino floor in Las Vegas. It’s worlds away from the table of a professional poker game. There are no slot machines or Black Jack tables. For half a century,… Read More

  • dice

    Betting on Ethiopia: The case for looser restrictions

    Lately, Ethiopians have been able to do something relatively new. It’s something that us diaspora Ethiopians in America can only do in Nevada, Atlantic City, and a few spots in between. Gamble. Since 2007, new forms of legal… Read More

  • football

    Sports Betting

    Football is by far the most popular sport in Ethiopia. Boys play together in schoolyards. Men play each other on the streets. Professionals play in the national leagues. And whole families listen in from home and root for… Read More


    Gambling with Education

    In recent years, Ethiopia has placed a big, big bet—on education. In 2005, the government committed to an unprecedented agenda: to build 13 universities in different locations across the country at once. At the time, there were just… Read More